1500 Actor Positions Every Second

...or a stunning 90 000 positions every minute!
Fast tracking is important for moving audio smoothly around with the actors, and NOT in steps and jumps!

This is 10 times more powerful than other products in the market.

Localisation Resolution in Centimeters

Stagetracker FX works with a continuous stream of centimeter positions. This allow us to create the continuous, completely smooth audio movements in Stagetracker FX.

High Power, Dual Antenna Beltpack Design

Stagetracker FX tags (beltpacks) are high RF output, rechargable units. Tags are specified inhouse by TTA, specifically made for tracking actors and has been steadily improved during years of feedback from end users.

This is a huge advantage compared to the third party general purpose tracking systems seen in the market.

Fast and Easy Setup

Stagetracker FX is fast and easy to set up:

  • Mount one Radioeye sensor in the truss and connect power and one CAT5 cable to the system.
  • Connect the audiocables to the soundsystem.
  • Start the software, run Automatic Mode.
  • System is working.


Proprietary algorithm to allow delay changes in realtime without audible artifacts.
The system does not work with user definable long crossfades which introduce combfiltering to your sound!


Proprietary audio algorithms only available in Stagetracker FX allow us to make completely continuous, smooth movements between Audio Points with completely different sets of delays and levels!

Automatic Mode

Stagetracker FX is the only system you can work with in Automatic Mode. That makes the set up very easy, and will get you going with tracking and audio localisation within five mouse clicks.

Traditional setups are complex and time consuming. (Which Stagetracker FX also is capable of, if you prefer to work with a completely manual setup.)

7.1 Surround Sound

Stagetracker FX allows you to create 5.1 or 7.1 setups. Make DVD productions with full surround sound, generated with Stagetracker FX!


Stagetracker FX can take care of all your depth localisation, leaving you to set up a left-right localisation only.
It can also work with pure level panning, level AND DELAY panning, or with predefined audio zones. Or combine the three to fit your stage needs!
We leave it totally up to the user.

Matrix Design

The Stagetracker FX Matrix is everything else than a standard crosspoint matrix. A stack of 32 x 32 crosspoint matrices inside allow us to make audio movements continuous, smooth and natural.

24 bit, 96 kHz

Matrix can run at 48kHz or 96 kHz for pristine audio quality.
32 in, 32 out per box. More units can be stacked for more inputs or outputs.

High processor headroom allows for I/O upgrades and future firmware updates.
I/O options available are:
3. AES50