Stagetracker FX TurboTags have been developed as a result of real world experience with Stagetracker systems in leading theatres around the world. TurboTags are lightweight, maintenance free RF transmitting devices, carried by the performers or objects to be tracked by Stagetracker FX.

TurboTags have a dual antenna design; one antenna situated in the main body of the TurboTag and the other being a flexible, external unit. The dual antenna configuration ensures good data transmission to the RadioEye at all times.
The high and constant data packet transmission rate of TurboTags ensures rapid tracking response even when performers are moving quickly or when tracking conditions on stage are challenging. TurboTag power output has been increased from that of previous Tag models by 25db.
TurboTags are rechargeable via a mini USB slot and three hour of charge time will give approximately six to eight hours of usage.

Each TurboTag has a unique identity. When a user initially sets up the Stagetracker FX system, TurboTags must be added to the system. With the introduction of the V4 Tracking Engine, this has become a simple, automated process. Adding TurboTags to the system is a one-time-only process.

Stagetracker FX is capable of tracking 32 TurboTags simultaneously and each TurboTag transmits at a constant rate of 40 packet pulses per second. With so much data being transmitted, packet management is needed in order to avoid packets being jammed and lost.

The Stagetracker FX Tag Control Unit (TCU) synchronises TurboTag data transmission, making sure that packets are sent from each Tag sequentially and in their own time slot. The result is that every positional data packet transmitted from every TurboTag arrives correctly at the RadioEye.

The TCU also regulates TurboTag power consumption. Tags will not begin data transmission until the TCU is turned on and they will cease transmission as soon as it is turned off.