The RadioEye is the device which detects the positions of the TurboTags on stage and is mounted above the stage or around the performance area. It is an "intelligent" device and calculations of the raw data positions are carried out within the RadioEye itself.

Data packet handling capability of the RadioEye is 1500 packets per second (pps), making the unit fully able to process data from 32 TurboTags simultaneously. (Each TurboTag transmits at a constant rate of 40 data packet pulses per second).

The RadioEye has a ninety degree conical coverage pattern. Therefore, the radius of the coverage area is equal to the mounting height of the RadioEye.

RadioEye setup is a fast and largely automated process, accessed via the V4 Tracking Engine software.
The user need only enter the height of the RadioEye from the stage floor. All other parameters such as tilt angle and offset from stage centre position are measured and entered automatically by the system.

Only one RadioEye is necessary for operation, but several RadioEyes may be linked together in order to cover larger performance areas which may be up to the size of a football field.
The RadioEye is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.
Connection is via standard CAT 5 network cables and no complicated calibration is necessary,

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Stagetracker FX software is optimised for use with only one RadioEye. Running two or more RadioEyes together requires Stagetracker FXR software.

*RadioEye is a registered trademark of Radionor Communications Ltd.