V4s software - takes tracking to the next level!

Date: February 2012

With the release of the V4s (s – 'sensor technology') software, Stagetracker FX takes advantage of hardware sensors inside each Tag. This gives the V4s software new information about how actors move on stage. Each Tag sends a continuous stream of information measuring every movement in every direction of an actor.

To put it simple:
V4s can detect if an actor/actress is standing still, and will then lock the Tag to it's current position in the software, ignoring any noise that may cause the Tag to move slightly around.

Combining the best of two worlds!

  • Radio tracking means reliable tracking of moving performers, even on busy stages with lots of sceneries and obstacles.
  • Tag Sensors means the ability to detect performers standing still, and then remove any small movements and 'ripple', and improve the accuracy of their position even more.

...and the even better news is: V4s has been a longtime research project, and every V4 user already have these hardware sensors inside the Tags! The upgrade to V4s is then a software upgrade only, activating all the cool new hardware.

New Stand Still parameter in the tracking settings dialog and now only 3 parameters to tune – that's it!

Improved streamlined tuning of tracking!

In V4s all the less important tweaking parameters have been taken out or hidden behind 'advanced settings', and the 3 important parameters are laid out in one window only. V4s gives the user real time visual feedback when tweaking the filter settings - and makes it extremely fast and easy to get good results!

Please get in touch with us to download the V4s software!

For further information:
Flemming Sorensen
tel: +47 926 11 888