Date: September 2009

TTA’s Stagetracker FX performer tracking and audio localisation system has taken a starring role in an outdoor performance of Puccini's 'Madama Butterfly', presented by the Staatstheater Braunschweig.
Distinguished German sound designer Utz Rüscher chose to use Stagetracker FX with the new V4 software for the “in-the-round” production, part of the Burgplatz (Castle Square) Open-Air Season, held every summer in Braunschweig, near Hannover.

Working closely with Mega Audio, TTA's distributor in Germany, Utz Rüscher deployed the Stagetracker system to track the on-stage movement of six performers and localise them in the mix. Front-of-house engineer Michael Hilla, mixing the show on an Innovason SY72 console, was quick to notice the benefits of using Stagetracker; he could concentrate on monitoring the performers’ microphones and levels instead of stepping followser scenes!”

Rüscher brought in Stagetracker because of the 360-degree nature of this production. Last year, he deployed a Yamaha-DME system in this location, but was keen to introduce the realism of sophisticated audio localisation. Having measured the output of all 40 of his Kling & Freitag loudspeakers, “every speaker for every position that we wanted the actors to stand in”, using Easera SysTune software, Rüscher and Stagetracker operator Julian Thum then adjusted the system by moving a virtual actor through the scenes. Final tuning was done during rehearsals with the real actors and orchestra.

Lars Lüdemann, the Mega Audio product specialist who worked on the Braunschweig season, reports that the effect of Stagetracker on the audience “was totally amazing! Three singers were on stage, and although I didn't know which of them was singing, each time I turned my head to the right position. The technical director of the theatre was very impressed, and I believe the Staatstheater team will really want to use the Stagetracker next year!”

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