QLab is now the playback and control component in Stagetracker FX. This means QLab provides all the audio playback, while Stagetracker provides the audio localization and actor tracking.

The way we are doing this is with a new cue in QLab:
The Stagetracker Cue.

The Stagetracker Cue lets you localize the output of your QLab Audio Cues.
Draw a path of where you want the sound to go, and it will go there!
Controlling one audio input in the Stagetracker Matrix, the new Stagetracker Cue in QLab can take a sound effect and fly it around onstage or anywhere else in the auditorium, using the Stagetracker Matrix for stunning localization effect.
Stagetracker FX will move audio smoothly and naturally, even when applying different delay settings.

In addition, the Stagetracker Cue also opens up options for controlling live audio inputs, making it easy to localize live audio from wireless microphones in QLab.

At any time, Stagetracker Cues can be fired from QLab to control performers localization on stage.

All this is fully integrated in the QLab play list.