About TTA

In 1999, John Skjelstad became involved in a unique tracking system. Unlike other tracking systems which had been developed for industrial uses such as keeping track of trucks or goods in factories, the idea of this new system was specifically to track the movements of people.

Combining the system with extensive research into the fields of radio technology and established acoustical phenomena used to localise audio, John founded TTA in 2004 as a company dedicated to developing these technologies in the entertainment field.

John Skjelstad

Since then, product development has been on-going with the development of the TTA audio matrix, featuring proprietary algorithms developed to overcome problems inherent in moving audio sources ”transparently”, and most recently, Stagetracker FX, a complete performer tracking, audio localisation and sound effects editing and playback system.

The TTA tracking system was the winner of the Plasa Innovation Award in 2006.

TTA continues to grow as a company and now consists of a dynamic team of development, sales, logistics and marketing personnel.

All software development, system assembly, R&D and testing are carried out in-house at the TTA offices close to Trondheim in Norway. Hardware manufacture is outsourced to a local Norwegian company.