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StageTracker FX 16

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September 22, 2015 Joerg Gruensfelder
Joerg Gruensfelder and Medienpark-Vision
Youtube video from Joerg Gruensfelder, showing his work with Stagetracker FX for a musical cabaret.

Latvian National Theatre
Gints Rutks (head of sound at theatre):
"Now we have a Stagetracker FX16 system with Qlab integrated. Our job is so much easier, not only because of tracking and localisation which we use for actors but now we have an excellent tool for sound effects too! This system saves time in every job preparation. The system is very useful for all our plays starting from dramatical to musical."

Zurich Tattoo
The Zurich Tattoo is an open-air show with the best military and police bands from all over the world. 12 000 people visited the tattoo this year. Stagetracker FX was used to avoid echo effects by constantly changing delay times as the bands marched around.

QLab 3 released! All Stagetracker FX products are bundled with QLab, for sound effects playback and for creating predefined cues using the Stagetracker Cue in QLab.
Every Stagetracker FX system from now will be shipped with QLab 3. All existing Stagetracker users may upgrade to QLab 3. Please contact your distributor / dealer to upgrade to a QLab 3 Stagetracker license!

Banlam Grand Theater, China
The new 1500 seat Banlam Grand Theater in China just opened. Stagetracker FX is taking care of actor tracking, sound effect localisation and speaker management.

Stockholm Stadsteater, Sweden
Stockholm Stadsteater is maybe the biggest and most busy theatre in Sweden, and has just installed Stagetracker FX.

V4s takes tracking to the next level!
With the release of the V4s software, Stagetracker FX takes advantage of hardware sensors inside each Tag, measuring every little movement of an actor...

Why go Stagetracker FX?

By creating the impression that amplified vocals actually originate from the actors, Stagetracker FX really breathes life back into your theatre sound.

TTA made the world's first first tracking system for theatre sound. Prior to this was a 7 year long development program, dating back to 1999.
In 2006, TTA won the PLASA Innovation Award for the Stagetracker concept.
PLASA 2006

In TTA, R&D is a continuously ongoing process, resulting in unique and proprietary technology, such as:
  1. SmoothMove algorithm to change delays in realtime without audible artifacts.
  2. PanBetweenPoints algoritm to move sound continuously and completely smooth, using both delay and level changes.
  3. Automatic Mode, that gives you audio localisation within a few mouse clicks.



"The shows are going well and the tracking system has worked very well. I attached some photographs of the set and here's a a link to some more photos of the play: De Eensame Weg
I like the lean, quick, simple and intuitive software, and the fact that the matrix only has a on/off switch !"

Hans Zilver, Amsterdam

"Just a short note to let you know how impressed I was with Stagetracker FX. Actually hearing it is one of those moments I don't think I will ever forget, for the first time ever I saw a theatre show and I could hear who was singing and where they were stood. It really was a moment of pure revelation."
Rich Soper, UK.

"The new Stagetracker FX software is really nice. It works much smoother than before, and setting it up was a breeze. We got really positive feedback on Cabaret already after the first mic-on rehearsal."
Janne Sivonen, Svenska Teatern, Finland.

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